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Welcome!  Hoping to get a massage sooner rather than later?  Try a 30 minute session.  Shorter sessions are a great way to focus on chronic trouble areas.  Click on the 'Book Now' button to schedule your next massage or purchase an online gift certificate.  


I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2016. The healing power of touch is what inspired me to become a massage therapist. With the hundreds of massage modalities out there, the healing possibilities are boundless. I am passionate about what I do and am committed to providing personalized sessions for every person I work with. There is no 'one size fits all' massage. 

 I'm a trained John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach® Therapist.  I was introduced to MFR shortly after becoming licensed and it has offered me more pain relief than any other therapy I've tried.  Please read more about this approach in the Services section or take a look at the website below.


By appointment only

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Integrative Massage and Myofascial Release


   30 minutes-$70

     60 minutes-$100

    90 minutes-$130


Hot Stone add on-$10

"Listen to your body, it is always communicating with you."



This is a whole body approach used to address a number of issues causing pain or limited range of motion.  Sustained pressure and holds are used to release areas of tension.  MFR is safe and effective for everyone!  Please bring shorts and a t-shirt, bra or tank top to this session as a visual assessment is taken prior to getting on the table.



Using a variety of techniques from gentle stretching, deep tissue and Myofascial Release, this massage will assist in decreasing muscle tension and increasing range of motion. Prior to each massage we will discuss your needs and goals for the session.



Hot stones may be added to an Integrative Massage. The penetrating heat from the stones allows the therapist to work deeper into muscle tissue and allows for deeper muscle relaxation.

Massage is not simply a moment of relaxation. It's a pathway to better health.

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